This is a system live debian mate. Included a themes of ubuntu artwork from, and add software to work nice for newbie user (vlc, simple-scan, gnome-software, thunderbird and firefox-ESR, chromium, elisa). There are non-free drivers for network connection.


This project was born from a fed up with the politics of all snap and flatpack led by canonical. but I wanted a system that was simple for a new linux user.


You can download the curent build here:
- i386
- amd64


To install it easily, download the iso image that corresponds to your hardware architecture (amd64 or i386). And the best thing is to make a bootable USB key to do this I recommend you use Ventoy or if you already have a computer with this system installed you can use the program included in it.


After you can launch your system from this key and install it easily like all live debian systems.

For more information you can look at the debian documentation.


To build this debian live system use docker:

git clone
cd Debian-mate-custom-artwork-ubuntu
docker run --privileged -i -v /proc:/proc     -v ${PWD}:/working_dir     -w /working_dir     debian:latest     /bin/bash

If all goes well you should have an iso image in the current directory.